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The musical group LATEXFAUNA, whose songs are gaining more and more popularity among fans of this style in music, is a group of like-minded people from Ukraine who performs their compositions in the style of dream-pop. The official creation of the group dates back to 2015.
Historical features of the project
The band members are three talented musicians, namely:
· Smoke Sasha.
· Levitsky Kostya.
· Zezyulin Dima.
They were jointly engaged in creative activities, starting from the 1st year at Shevchenko University. After they graduated from the university, their musical project ended, but over the next five years, the guys decided to create a new band, picking up an unusual and flashy name Latexfauna.
Initially, the group began to gain popularity through the broadcast of their musical composition "Ayahuasca", which could be heard on the show "Morning Spanking" on Radio Aristocrats.
Zezyulin said that the guys released about nine different arrangements for this track. This lasted until Dyman Sasha decided to offer a bit with djembe, which they used in the last decisive version.
The debut concert of the band, which took place on Radio Skovoroda, was attended by over 600 fans of the band. The first performance of the project on stage could be seen at a music festival called "Republic" in 2016.
In the same year, in the Mezzanine nightclub in Kiev in October, a debut solo performance took place. At that time, the musicians' repertoire consisted of only six music tracks.
A year later, at the beginning of summer, the band signed an agreement with the world famous Moon Records.
Despite the fact that the collective constantly shows its activities in the form of separate tracks in the course of their creation, mixing and recording, the debut collection was planned to be released in 2018 in May.
The singles are being built in the studio by Anton Derevyanko, a sound producer.
Utsekha Bogdan acts as the director of the collective.
Zezyulin Dima is responsible for the cover of the tracks.
The use of surzhik
The fact that the performers partially use surzhik in the songs caused some ambiguous attitude from the fans.
While some express criticism, others regard it as a distinctive feature of the group.
But, according to the words of the author of the tracks and the soloist Dima, he uses surzhik in compositions "for naturalness", since he cannot think literary.
In his opinion, the meaning of surzhik differs from the meaning of Ukrainian literary words, and that the texts sound more honest this way.
He knows his native language perfectly, but he would not like to write like that. If he wants to write a word with a surzhik, then he does so, because it is honest.
All project participants are residents of small provincial Ukrainian regions.
Additional information about the team
2016 was remembered for the fact that the editors of the publication of music critics designated the group as the debut of the year.
Among the bands that influenced their creativity, the performers distinguish two projects: Pompeya and The Cure.
The cover of the song "Surfer" was performed by Christina Solovey. For everyone who wants to get acquainted with the work of the latexfauna group, you can download the works on the music profile portals.